No Machine Left Behind

IT admins and managed service providers with enough systems to look after get tons of email notifications from backup software, security programs, and other things. While these messages should provide helpful status updates, they usually just clutter your inbox. Sorting a pile of emails to see what’s going on with which system, at which location, and for who can end up being a full time job.

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Save Time, Respond Immediately

Process Watch lets you view and automatically sort email notifications from any program or system that can send them. You can get status updates from each system under your supervision from one cloud-based, mobile-ready platform.


  • Auto Sort all Emails

    Quickly view all notifications from multiple locations or customers in a single dashboard.

  • See Critical Alerts First

    See which systems need immediate attention at a glance.

  • Vendor and System Agnostic

    View email notifications from backup, AV, and firewall programs, or any system or software that sends email notifications.

  • Fully Customizable.

    Set up custom priority levels for each notification.


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1001+ $0.25

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